The inspector from Building Inspection Melbourne made his way through the house, stopping in each room to examine it thoroughly. He seemed like a wise man who knew a lot about his work. He was full of useful tips and was happy to have a chat, which was nice. The real estate agent had arrived at the property about twenty minutes after the inspector and I, so I had a chance to chat with him. While the man walked through the house, judging every corner, floorboard, step and frame, I sat in the kitchen, thinking about my wife. I had kept the house a secret, never once mentioning that I was even thinking about purchasing a property. My wife was a passionate woman and an incredibly artist. I wanted to surprise her with this house. Although it needed work, the fact that my wife could make her house exactly the way she wanted it to be would mean a great deal to her.

The inspector from Pre Purchase Building Inspections Melbourne made his way into the kitchen, so I jumped down from the benchtop and walked through the rest of the house. Once I’d heard the man close all the kitchen cupboards, I knew he was finished. I returned to the kitchen to find the man from Building and Pest Inspections Melbourne writing on his paper. He turned to see me when he heard me enter the room. He stuck his hand out to shake mine and congratulated me. He told me the house was fine, there were a few minor things but nothing major and that if I was serious about buying this house, the inspection wasn’t holding me back. A smile crept onto my face and I found myself speechless for the first time in my life. This was really happening.