We’ve found a new member to the crew that we have building. We’ve hit the 14 numbers that we have now, and we need no more people now. We have hit a good number and according to the latest game theory notions that I’ve been ready, which are about 10 years old now, we can’t really afford to bring anyone else on. The only way we could get anyone else is if they brought in more food and supplies than they would use. I’m not exactly sure how that will happen, but if it does, we’ll be on the lookout.

We found out that we came past a good dog walking service Melbourne the other day. We didn’t find any people there, but we did find some dog food. Lots and lots of dog food. Apparently the militia came in the other week, according to their track. I’m no good at tracking, and so I leave that to the people who do. When they did come, they took any people that might have been there, but they left all the dog food. The dog walking Melbourne people are gone. Apparently there are no dogs in their crew, and therefore have no need for it. I’ve found that they only take the essentials. I’ve started to learn a lot about how the militias work, and have even been able to predict and track, in a theoretical sense, their movements and behaviour. I was a statistics professor when I was alive, back before news of the Storm. I was also a high school teacher for a time, but that was a while ago. I went back to school and did further mathematics training. I’ve been tasked with tutoring the kids, i.e. Timothy and Josie, the only ones of school age. Well technically Emily Landers is of school age, but only for three more weeks, then she turns 18. She has no need for any kind of schooling, especially now that she’s living in this new world that we are all subject to. I hope the the Transition brings about some sort of positive change for us. I hope that the dog walkers Melbourne had a good time before they were taken. I hope they are safe.