I love my dog, and I will do anything on this world to try and make him happy. If that means that I have to give him up, so that he can be with a better family, so be it, but no one will love that dog more than I do. I don’t think that this is a real possibility, but I am just making a point about the lengths that I will go to to see that my dog is happy. I will go to the ends of the galaxy and beyond if I have it. He is my best friends and my confidant. I love him more than I love myself. I need to find a dog walker Melbourne that loves him as much as I do, or else I don’t think that it will work out. I think that I will find someone who will get close, but i’m not sure if they will be right up there. In fact I know that they will not love him quite as much as I do, but to be about 80% of the love I have will be good enough for me. I think that I May have found that in the lst applicant for the position. She was with dog walking service Melbourne, and her name escapes me. She was the most professional person that I interviewed, and she was by far the best. I think that Gideon will really get along with her, and when they go for their walk tomorrow, I will see how he feels about it, and about her, when he gets back. We don’t have secrets from each other, he and I. I told him when Aaron dumped me, and he told me when he found a dead rat in the backyard and dragged it into the house. I hope the dog walking Melbourne lady can see how special our relationship is.