I’d spent a good two hours staring at the screen of the computer. It was unusual for me to have the computer on in the house before midday, but last night’s activities weren’t the norm. After becoming incredibly upset about my failing plans to spice up my backyard, I’d called over my best friend Amber. Amber had done everything she could to cheer me up. She’d made dinner, bought wine and was her usual happy, bubbly self. She was an incredible friend and she had cheered me up immensely. Once I’d gotten over my sookiness, we started talking about what I saw happening to my backyard. She got me to tell her about my visions and what I wanted to wake up and see each day. Amber was getting me to think about my backyard in a way that I had not ever done before. It was refreshing, and effective. Amber’s suggestion to have a look at the Decking Melbourne website was the start of it all. She’d planted a seed in my mind and now, the possibilities were endless.

I’d found the Decks Melbourne website open on the computer when I’d hobbled out of my room this morning. Amber had already left for work and I’d forgotten to switch of the computer last night. I went over to switch off the monitor properly, only to become distracted by the gorgeous pergolas and decking that was splashed across the screen. Two hours later, I’d just shut down the computer. With my notepad full of notes about styles, shapes and sizes, I was ready to call the guys at Carports Melbourne and get this show on the road. I picked up the phone and headed outside. I needed to be in the zone when I made this phone call, I had to be sitting in the back yard.