I knew it was an odd situation, but what were we going to do. There we were, locked in a house, with no way out. I had to admit, I didn’t mind being in a house with such a beautiful woman, such an intriguing woman. The problem was, I had other jobs to get too. Originally, I had met the inspector from Home Inspections Melbourne, and the owner at the property for a quick morning job. Apparently, so the owner had told me, was going to do the inspection once I’d finished the job, which was why we both arrived at the same time. The owner had left the property unlocked and because she was running late, told us to go ahead and get started. The repair had taken me a whole twenty minutes, but I had to wait for the owner to arrive before I could leave. I’d tried hard to concentrate on the work I was sent to do, rather than the woman gliding through the home. Her beauty was intimidating, her confidence was unyielding. She was absolutely angelic, and I couldn’t bring myself to construct a decent sentence whenever she was around. Neither the woman from Pre Purchase Property Inspections Melbourne, nor I ever would have expected the events that were about to follow.

We’d both seen the owner pull into the driveway and his rusted, old ute head towards the house. The drive was long, and the dust trailed behind the car, filling the air with dirt. We’d not seen the man, and maybe it had taken a few minutes longer than it should have to realise that he’d come and locked us in. The inspector from Pest and Building Inspection Melbourne, turned to me after attempting to open the front door. The windows were boarded up. An eerie feeling wafter over the both of us. We were trapped.