I had always been surprised at my Mother’s profession, as I believed she could have made so much more of her life. She had dreams of studying zoology before at the age of nineteen, she had become pregnant with my older sister. Coming from a catholic family, this resulted in a shotgun wedding and an unhappy domestic life. She became a professional housewife until I was five years old and started school. At this point, she suddenly had free time on her hands and so, pursued a career in bond cleaning Brisbane.

She had always been a very positive individual and would joke that she was born to clean. Her work ethic was high, and she was soon making more money than my father, a mechanic. Still, when my friends talked about their parents’ careers as nurses, teachers and businessmen, I would shrink in my seat and hope that no one would ask my mother’s occupation. End of lease cleaning Brisbane was esteemed in their minds, and this sort of embarrassed me. This attitude changed however when I was ready to move out of my first rental property and I discovered just how much it cost to hire move out cleaning Brisbane. I had called my mother in delight when vacate cleaning Brisbane had given me a quote and she had merely laughed at me. ‘I don’t know what else you would expect’ she had told me. ‘They can charge as much as they like given that people have to hire them’.

It was during this conversation that I began to understand why she enjoyed her job so much. She was able to listen to her iPod as she cleaned, the environment was relatively stress free and she didn’t have to deal with frustrating customers like a nurse or an architect would. No one was there to question her authority because, well, the clients were never there when she worked.