I’m glad I kept the bond I got back from my apartment. I quite my job, and so I didn’t get a lot of money. i don’t have many savings, so every little bit helps. The bond cleaning Canberra that they did, the cleaners, was a wonderful reminder of what happens when hard work meets the will to persevere. They really were inspiring to see, and I hope to see many more of their kind, cleaners, as well as hard workers, where I’m going. I’m going to flight school at SSAEFS. This is the Southern Sonaland Aeronautics Engineering and Flight School, the largest civilian flight school in this part of the galaxy. Earth has a military flight school, but stuff that! The school is a mouth full, I know, which is why we shorten it to “Safes”. That’s the nickname we use, so pay no mind if I use it to talk about the school. The reason that I wanted to keep my bond was I didn’t know what the campus would be like, and I didn’t know what accommodation would be like. I figured it couldn’t hurt to keep some extra cash in case I need to lay down another bond, and perhaps need some more end of lease cleaning Canberra when I graduate and move out. That’s what happened at Sondall University, when I was studying to be a teacher. The dorms there were great, but I much preferred my own leased place, which I got.

Once I got into Safes, I realised how different the flight school was to anything else I’ve ever experienced. First day I learnt about the modes of flight, including intersystem and intrasystem travel. In between colonised star systems are waypoints, with markers for which system you want to go to. These are expensive, and only one can be made in each system. They become a hub, or citadel for that system, as ships move in and out. it’s like using an airport to travel between islands, and then a small car to travel on the island. I drive the cars, in a sense, as I’m a pilot. There are a bunch of technicians and scientists who control the way points, but that’s not my deal. I travel my ship within systems, on planets, between planets.

Here is the continuation of this origin story, of my Thomas Highland, with my small bond, that i’ll use to pay the next move out cleaning Canberra service.