We need to unblock the drains for the biologists to get out of, so that they can assist the office of the mayor (that’s me) to get rid of the dreaded kairf. They will be here, according to rough estimates, in about two hours, but first, we need to get them out, thanks to the crew of the blocked sewer Melbourne company. They will be the ones who will help us out of our jam, and they will be the ones who will stop this from getting worse than it already is. I hope that they can do all of that, and that it’s not too much to ask for. I also hope that whenever someone uses the toilet in this city, they will flush it, so that we don’t get a citywide disaster that could put 5 million people out of their homes. I hope for that, but I don’t know how much the Knassians still listen to me.

The drainage company, the guys and gals for whom this is a semi regular job (the blockages, not the extraction of subterranean biologists) should be able to have a more accurate estimate as to when they’ll get the biologists out.

Wow, it turns out that they’ve moved. The drain unblocking Melbourne company is trying to track them, and the biologists are moving. I don’t know why, but it could be significant. I could also mean that they are trying to find the source of the blockage i.e. the kairf nest. That would be great for all involved. Okay people, keep an eye on them. If they travel past any pick up points, pick them up, but if not, follow them, and see if they lead to the nest.

We have found the largest nest I’ve ever seen, and I’m only seeing it on one of the drain camera inspections Melbourne.