There are way too many trees here, in the middle of this forest that we call a lab. It’s really a lab, but we call it a forest sometimes, since it looks and feels just like a forest. I was testing out some new floral growth serums, and the thing sort of went out of control. It’s been like this for about three weeks now, and I think it’s about to start spreading to other parts of the ship. It’s already taken up the whole lab, most of the hallway out of the lab, and is starting to creep into the main area of the cargo bay, once it turns a few corners. I’ll call up the tree removal Brisbane crew of arborists tomorrow, after I take some final samples. That’s really the only reason it’s been allowed to stay thang long; to study it, and see what we can do better next time. I think that not dropping on the floor would be step 1.

I think that step 2 would be to thank the tree lopping Brisbane arborists for the wonderful job that I’m sure they will do, when they get here tomorrow. They are coming all the way from Cherves, after they had a job there, so they are really doing us a massive favour. We’ve been in the Deep for about a week now, and overall, for about 2 years. I haven’t seen Cherves in over a decade, not since I went there as a young man. I hope it still smells the same as it does when I was a young man. I went there on a backpacking trip across the eastern sub sectors, and Cherves was a real highlight. Enough of my reminiscing though, we need to get rid of these trees. I’m going to get started on chopping them down. Once the tree felling Brisbane crew got here, they can take it all over, and do what they want with it. I’ll still miss it though.