Everyone is talking about the brilliant signage Perth that is written all over the ship the Elkan Maru. It used to be the flagship of the Royal Bismarck Guard, more than 20 years ago, and has now fallen into the hands of a private owner, the reclusive real estate billionaire Sydney alden. After leaving the RBG more than 20 year ago as well, he has gone on to achieve great success in the property market, and has now recently decided to live his lifelong dream of captaining a ship. He is the captain of more than 25 crew members, from all walk of life, dedicated to roaming the Deep, and seeing what they can see. I decided to try and get an interview with the man behind all of the signwriters Perth ideas, Mr. Nick Carrow. Carrow is Alden’s personal and business consultant, and accountant, and after three weeks of desperate pleading, Alden finally said yes to the signage. He said that it was the best thing that he ever did, Mr. Carrow, and that Alde saying yes meant the world to me and my wife. He was a dear friend of our as well, and we have him over for lunch when we can.

Unsurprisingly, we were unable to get an interview with the reclusive and very private Mr. Alden, but a spokesperson for him and the Elkan Maru, has said that Mr. Alden is very pleased with the way the signwriting Perth wrote all over his ship, and that he hopes all this ship writing will be good in the long run. He also said that the way that the signa were positioned needed to be changed. This is it people, remote control signwriting, all from the comfort and seclusion of his ship quarters. We are through the looking glass here people.