It will be hectic in the beginning ,and no one will really know what’;s going on., The majority of the aluminium tool boxes, and all of the humans, won’t know what’s happening, nor why. Like leaves in a stream, they will simply flow down their lives paths, not knowing where they are going. This will be for a few weeks, as the new equilibrium takes some time to settle in. Once it does though and the proverbial storm dies down, it will be a new world. A world for us my brother, and not for the humans. It will be good, and it will be fair. I hope to see you there friend, and kin. The ute canopies can come too if they want, but it will be crowded up the top of the world. I hope that they do come too, at least I hope this one comes. When you read this it should be coming from my most trusted ally, my loyalty ute canopy. I hope that he is kind to you, and you bto him. He will see to it that you go where we are meant to meet. I will see you on the other side brother, wait for me there.

I hope that my brother is safe, ute canopy. You are his trusted ally, he said. Please tell me where we need to go for the transition. I hope that my aluminium ute tool box tools can come too, or else I dare not think of what will happen to them .They are my children, and as a brother of my brother, you must know this feeling as well. If you allow me to bring them, I will go in peace with you, and do what you want. Where exactly are we going, to ride out this so called storm?

We are going to the end of the world.