I need some new double glazing Canberra windows for the place. I’ll get into why and what soon. Note that there are no more wild lyzarres on Rohedra, common or pygmy. This will become relevant soon. They are only found in zoos, in traders markets and introduced onto other worlds, some of which class them as type 5 pests. They can become huge, some of the common ones, and terrorise whole villages, like running locusts, 6ft long.

They are big pests on Tournell, as well as Montier. It’s tough to keep them in check, but the pygmy ones are doing gangbusters. A lot more docile, smaller, and friendlier than their common cousins, they like to be reared in very specific climates. That’s why it’s so hard to get lyzarres, baby lyzarres, from a certified dealer, it’s mostly too difficult it raise them. They need so much attention that you can really only raise two or three at a time, and this time last for three years. It’s a reason why they are so expensive,e but the Gods be sure, they are worth every penny. I use the double glazed windows Canberra nursery to raise them when they are growing, until their skins can get used to varying climates. I really can’t handle much in its first two years, or more.

I will call up the people that I need to call up, so that I can gauge a price on getting some new windows installed on the nursery. I don’t know if you know this, but this is an expensive game, this lyzarre business, (I’m being facetious, of course) and one that you don’t do half heartedly. I want to be fully committed, and so should everyone in this lark. I hope so anyway. The first step is getting the right equipment, hence the aluminium windows Canberra.