I saw the drain camera that the crew of plumbers and sewerage technicians were using on the set of my home disaster. it was a right mess that everyone had walked into,but I was confident in the ability of the crew of drain replacement Melbourne to see that the job was done on time, and on budget. It turns out that it was more than done on time, and even a little under budget. well about the same, since I added in the cost of buying some soda cans for the lads and ladies. They didn’t ask me too, but they were working so hard, clearing out the underground pipes, that I thought they needed some rest, and some hydration. It turns out they did, but were too nice to say anything isn’t that sweet?

The blocked sewer Melbourne crew were the best crew that I’ve ever worked with. well that’s not technically true, but only because I didn’t actually work with them .They worked for me, as I hired them to fix the drain problems we were having. They used this wonderful little CCTV camera in the underground pipes, so that you can see exactly what is blocking up the drains. It’s a wonderful little invention; a camera on the end of a swivel head, fed into a tube, and controlled electronically. It’s the drain and sewer equivalent of getting a colonoscopy.

The CCTV cameras, which is short for closed circuit television, were fantastic. The CCTV stuff is the same stuff that they use in security cameras. Basically is a feed to just one LCD monitor, much like the monitors used in security rooms in hotels and car parks, et cetera. it’s wonderful technology and I was endlessly fascinated by how it all worked. The drain camera Melbourne is one of the best in the field and it really showed.