I was getting tired of city life. I had moved to the big city three years ago with big dreams of being a hot shot. After working at a dead end job for those last three years, I was exhausted and drained. The job wasn’t what they made it out to be. Living in the city was expensive, loud and frustrating. Trying to get a good nights sleep was almost impossible. The modest apartment I lived in was nothing more than a small box with paper thin walls. The bathroom had little to no water pressure and the windows didn’t open.

It wasn’t always so bad, having a girlfriend living with me made it easier to deal with. Now she had moved on to bigger and better things and I was left with this apartment I hated. I called bond cleaning gold coast to help me clean up the place so I could get my bond back. I was moving back home to the country to live in the bungalow at the back of my parents property. I missed living in the country and they were more than happy to have me back. I needed the bond money in order to pay for the hire of a removal truck to take my stuff back home. Hopefully vacate cleaning Gold Coast could get me back my money so I could get out of here. I needed a change of scenery, my life wasn’t going to plan. I had kept the place pretty tidy but I didn’t have the cleaning products to fix the place up properly, end of lease cleaning Gold Coast would be able to sort the kitchen out. I would be on my way back to the country soon, I just had to hang in there a few more weeks.