I had bought my property about a year ago. I’d been living in my house by myself for a while and had started getting out and exploring my acreage. I found a large, old, rusted shed at the very back fence line of the property. I spent about an hour trying to break the lock on the front door, before I managed to accidentally pull the door off entirely. I was frozen with shock. Had I really just found this? Was someone playing a prank on me? Inside the shed was an abundance of beautiful, antique furniture. Most of it was covered in dusty sheets but from what I could see, this furniture was fit for a palace. I spent the rest of the night looking through the shed and found some amazing things. It seemed like this shed had been locked for the past 50 years. It was like I’d just stumbled into a time capsule.

The next morning I phoned Horse Barns Tamworth to speak to them about building me a shed. I wanted to have a shed built closer to the house so I could move all the furniture from the back shed to the new shed. The old shed was on it’s last legs and I wanted to have a go at restoring some of the furniture. Garages Tamworth agreed to do the job and we arranged everything over the phone. I had big plans for this furniture and was looking forward to getting some of it into my house.

Custom Sheds Tamworth finished the job in no time and the shed looked fantastic. I asked the men if I was doing the wrong thing keeping the furniture and they said that I was only doing what anyone else would do.