Three weeks ago my boyfriend had come home with a puppy. One of the men at his work had found the dog in the bush while he was out camping one weekend and couldn’t bare to leave him. The puppy was starving and so skinny it could barely stand up. My boyfriend being the big softy that he is, put his hand up to have the pup. I wasn’t mad when he bought the dog home – I absolutely adore dogs, I just wished he had of given me some warning. We had been feeding him full of weetbix and vitamins, doing everything we could to turn this dog from starving and frail to healthy and happy. It was quite amazing how much healthier the dog looked after only three weeks.

One afternoon my boyfriend came home from taking the dog for a walk. He ran straight through the house, covered in mud and goodness knows what else. Normally he walked around the side of the house, I don’t know what made him come inside this time.

There was a trail of muddy footprints over the white carpet and mud sprayed all over the furniture from where he’d stopped and shaken himself. The place looked disgusting. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get those stains out, I’d have to call in the professionals.

I phoned Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide and asked them what type of services they offered. They told me they had lots of experience with removing pet stains from carpets and that they also did Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide if I wanted them to clean the furniture. I knew the longer I left the mud the worse it would be so I booked them in for the next available time, which happened to be the next morning.

The house looked as good as new once the Tile and Grout Cleaners Adelaide had left. I told my boyfriend to make sure the dog walks around the house – not through it from then on.