My house was overrun with ants. I had been through so many cans of ant killer in the past two weeks and was spending a fortune, only to have them reappear the following day. It was driving me insane. I was a clean person, it wasn’t like I had food scraps lying about the place – I figured they must of had a nest somewhere in the roof. It was beginning to feel like I was living in an ant colony so I decided to call in Ant Treatment Melbourne. I had a talk with the man on the phone and arranged for them to come out in two days time. I could not wait to have this problem fixed once and for all.

The Pest Inspections Melbourne van pulled into the driveway right on time. Two men jumped out and had a walk through my home. They told me I was right about them having a nest in the roof but assured me they would be able to fix the problem so the ants would not come back. They told me I would need to be out of the house while they sprayed the pest control chemicals and for a few hours after they had left. I told them I was more than happy to do that if it meant I wouldn’t have to come home to an ant infested home.

I spent a few hours walking around the shopping centre and then decided considering I had about two hours left to kill that I’d go and see a movie. When I returned home it was a shock not to see ants lining my walls and kitchen benches. I did a victory dance as I vacuumed up the dead ants. Not only had Pest Control Melbourne saved my home, they’d saved my sanity too.