My office building was very old. I had the corner space, which was separated from the rest of the room by big wooden dividers. The structure of the building looked dodgy to anyone with good vision but my boss refused to do anything about it as he said it would be a waste of money. Although he was part of the Body Corporate he never bought the issue up at meetings. A small amount of reinforcing was all that was needed to stop the stairs from shaking when you walked up them and the floorboards from bending with every step. The staff kitchen was overrun with ants. It was as though they had first dibs on anything in there and us humans just got the leftovers. I’d completely given up on taking lunch to work as there was only ever half left by the time lunch rolled around.

I was having a busy morning and leant back in my chair to stretch. As soon as I outstretched my arms my hand went through the wall. Not only was the floor unstable but the walls seemed to be as thin as paper! I decided to take action. I called Ant Treatment Melbourne and asked for them to come to our office.

When Pest Inspections Melbourne arrived I rushed to greet them, showing them the horribly infested kitchen along with the unsteady flooring. I took them to my workspace and showed them what happened to the wall. They were disgusted that they hadn’t been called sooner, informing me that the office was highly unsafe. My boss came rushing out of his office and demanded to know what was going on. When I told him what Pest Control Melbourne had said he realised he could be up for a lot of money in court if he didn’t make the effort to fix this now. At last we would have an ant free kitchen!