We have now gone more than thirty three days without any sort of pest incident. we had a bit of a scare recently, with a number of different pest incidents and infestations, invading our precious little Argo. Well I say precious, but she’s not worth too much (she could be, in the right hands. An antique dealer, or collector, especially with these mods Riley and I put on), and she’s definitely not small. She’s the largest Explorer that AE ever built, and it carries more than a few passengers. It is the best ship I’ve ever been on anyway

The termites Melbourne was the first incident that we came across. The Argo was less than three months old and she already had her first set of pests. It was a good day, in terms of milestones (I feel like a mother to this ship, as do many others, I feel), but a very bad day in terms of everything else. Termites in space are very bad indeed. We got rid of them though, but only with the help of pest control Melbourne. It was a good day then ,and for every reason. It was only short lived though, since three days later we were hit by another, more dangerous type of pest; the birds. I’d heard about the birds getting into star crafts and messing with the whole cargo bay, sometimes, turning the whole thing into a makeshift little aviary, of their own creation. It means that whole areas of the ship and cordoned off from human trespassing and eventually it has to be abandoned. early intervention is the key to getting rid of the bird pests. Again, we had a lot of help from the professional exterminators at pest inspections Melbourne. they were able to clear them out of there, no problem. We were lucky,. we were near Iridian, and so could call for help while there were still less than a hundred or so birds. They say that the critical number is 15. Once it hits that, you’re stuffed. It never did though, so thank the Gods for that.