I have been drinking far too much coffee lately. Yesterday, for instance, I had drank so much of the stuff that I was releasing my new found energy on the children’s trampoline. As a child, I had been a gymnast, and yesterday, decided that it would be fun to see how many tricks I could still do. I had been going quite well, given my age and the amount of time I had been out of practice, when I tried to perform a signature move I had spent months perfecting as a sixteen year old.

However, as I was in midair, I realised that the length of the trampoline would not be sufficient for my trick. Everything went in slow motion after that and it was not long until my back hit the ground, and agony shot through my body. I had tried to get up, but was simply in too much pain to move. After some time, however, I knew that it was necessary to try to move myself again.

I got myself into the house and onto the couch, where I lay for a couple of minutes to regain some strength before calling the chiropractor Brighton. I arranged for a back adjustment, remembering that in my gymnast years, the chiropractor had always been able to best alleviate any back pain.

The chiropractic Brighton practitioner was able to fit in an emergency appointment within only hours and so, my husband was called home from work in order to drive me to my appointment. Meanwhile, my baby had awoken from his nap, and was crying, but the very thought of getting up again exhausted me. My husband would not be home for fifteen minutes, and that would be too long to leave my baby unattended. I braced myself and slowly made my way to the baby’s room and tried to bend over and pick him up. However, my back would not allow such strain and so, I was forced to simply talk to my baby and wait until my husband came home for either of us to receive any relief.

The chiropractitioner Brighton was able to manipulate my spine and correct the spinal injuries, but requested that I do no heavy lifting in the next six weeks, including lifting my child, and so my poor husband was to stay home with me and meet every need of both my child and myself for the next month and a half.