I’d been working in a nail salon for about six years and could practically do the job in my sleep. I no longer noticed the acrylic smell as I walked into the store, nor was I impressed by the small selection of colours the salon offered. The job was getting boring and I was getting depressed. I was starting to hate the thought of work, and getting up for it became rare. I was becoming more frequently late and my effort had dropped enormously. This was not right, I needed to be happy, I needed to be independent, I needed to open my own salon.

I did everything I needed to do and three months later had just bought a small store on the main street. My plan was to set it up as a nail salon. First I would be the only one working there, but my pricing, selection and opening hours would attract so many customers, I’d eventually have to hire more staff. I was confident this business was going to be a success, the first thing I had to do though, was make it look like a salon.

I had a team from Painters Melbourne do the interior of the shop and the shopfront. The place looked so different with a fresh coat of paint and refreshing colour. One of the men from House Painters Melbourne took my business card to give to his wife. Apparently she and her friends regularly go to the nail salon, so he told me he’d pass on my card. I couldn’t believe it. My first potential customers! Thanks to the men at Exterior Painters Melbourne, it had finally sunk in that I had just had my new nail salon painted. The best thing that one of the men pointed out, was that I’d never have to answer to a boss again – I was the boss.