They say ‘when it rains, it pours’ and they could not be more right. My wife was walked out on me, leaving our daughter behind, I have just been laid off from my job and the lease to my home has ended and the landlord intends to sell it so will not be offering a renewal of the contract. With no money, no house, no wife and no job, I have been left with no choice but to take my daughter and move in with my parents. Packing was difficult for me- it forced me to face all of the emotions I have been running from and it was not easy to pack all of my possessions into boxes to take to my parents’ house. When the landlord reminded me to make a time for bond cleaning Brisbane, my daughter asked me what it was and why her mother wasn’t going to clean the house. She tried to explain that we didn’t need to pay end of lease cleaning Brisbane because she would make sure mum did it. She still doesn’t understand that her mother is not coming back.
It hurts me to see my daughter eagerly expect the return of her mother, and I have tried to explain that her mum left forever, but she refuses to accept this. She also thinks that moving in with her grandparents will be great- she expecting to eat homemade sweet and be spoilt every day, but I know this will not be the case. Sure, it will be at first- my poor kid has lost her mother and her home, but soon enough my dad will be yelling at her for getting in the way and threatening to try and sell her to move out cleaning Brisbane as a slave.