Why we decided to try indoor paintball is beyond me. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now not so much. It all started when my next door neighbour came over for a coffee. He said he had won paintball gear on ebay and was excited to try it out. We joked about having indoor paintballs games but the jokes were not serious, until we started drinking. After several bottles of beer we called up a group of people and played paintball inside. The cops were called and we ended up in jail overnight. I think we’re going to get evicted. I have one last idea that might allow up to keep the apartment. We need to get bond cleaning Gold Coast to clean the apartment and get the paint out of every surface. I figure if the landlord can’t see any mess I can downplay what happened. He will ask if we played paintball and I will simply laugh and say no, and that we just dropped a can of paint but cleaned up it. It’s a bold move but I’m sure it will work out. WIth the help of end of lease cleaning gold coast the house will look liveable again.

The paint we used was fluro green, which is a bit of a worry. I’m told it is water soluble paint, it better be, because it has been left to dry overnight while we were in the slammer. The cleaners Gold Coast said they would do their very best to get the place looking spotless again. We have a few days before the landlord arrives for an inspection. He’s a really nice guy and I don’t want to let him down by having a messy and paint covered apartment. He would be really sad if he were to find out we destroyed his investment property. I think he wants to live in the house some day and if we can’t get it clean that might make things difficult.