I’d been tossing and turning all night long. Unable to sleep, waking at least once each thirty minutes. I’d been told only a few hours before bed, that tomorrow I’d be picking up my very own horse. Growing up in a small country town, the dream of owning my own horse was never far from my mind. Although I’d never expected to own a horse until I’d moved out and been able to afford one. It had been a shock to me, hearing my father tell me he’d bought me a horse for my sixteenth birthday. He’d tried to have a serious conversation with me, explaining the responsibilities that came with owning a horse. I hadn’t tried to be rude, it was just, I couldn’t focus on the words of my father when I’d just been told my dreams had come true. This wasn’t the time for serious conversation about rules and responsibility, this was the time to celebrate.

Waking at the crack of dawn, I was up in the kitchen making breakfast when my parents slowly emerged from their room. They both laughed as they thought how unusual it was to see me up, so cheery and bright at this time of morning. My excitement was obvious to all. We had to go and see the team at Stables Tamworth before we picked up my horse and I just wanted to get going. With my parents still in their dressing gowns, I had a feeling it would be a little while before we headed off to Custom Barns Tamworth. I finished preparing breakfast and Mum made some cups of tea as I set the table. I scoffed my breakfast down and attempted to hurry my parents along. I wanted to get going, Awnings Tamworth had already opened, I couldn’t understand what they were waiting for.