We need to learn to trust a few people. We aren’t meant to be here. By all laws of nature and the earth, the way that it is now, we should not be here, and we should have slipped into the life-next when the rest of the nine nations did. We aren’t any nations now, we are just people, stranded people trying their hardest to fight back against the world that doesn’t want it anymore. I need the event security Perth people to help us. We aren’t going to fight amongst ourselves as well. That would be too much, and a house divided against itself equals one whole house. That is only true in maths; in the real world, if it is divided against itself, it will fall, and we will fall with it. I need to make a call in to the security services Perth company and they are going to come out here and help us out. I hope that we can all be nice about it all when they get here. No booing, since they are real heroes and as such, should be treated with our respect and maybe even a little awe. I hope that you can learn to do that while we still have a little bit of our humanity. I didn’t think that I would have to say these words, but the world that we live in now seems to be heading that way. I didn’t think that the security guards Perth company would have to do that much work on us, but I fear now that they might have to. They might have to do a lot of work, and a lot of securing before we are able to feel safe I don’t want us to be unsafe, but I don’t want my group to be complacent either.