I wanted to call that box, the one that I keep under my bed, a special name. There are many like my box, but this one belongs to me. I bought it fair and square and so I think that I will want to make sure that it has a name that we will all be proud of. I hope that I can call him Eric and be done with it. I called him that because the aluminium toolboxes that I come across are all so strong and Eric is such a strong name, very Norse and a can withstand very extreme circumstances. I think that I might want to buy some more things like the toolbox. I might want to go to that place I got them and go and pick up some removable service bodies for the rest of the pack. I have a pack now, not really a gang, more of a group of friends. I buy things for them and they offer me protection. It is a god thing, because I can’t talk to them, and I prefer to be alone anyway. I want to be alone because I want to think and then have some semblance of introspection. I love that about my life right now and having this pack allows me to do that without feeling lonely or scared. I want to do this for a long time and I want to keep on buying more of the service bodies than I can handle and then giving them to the pack so that they will be my friends and things of that nature. That’s my life now and I’m happy with it. I will try to make sure that I have some of those boxes to give you, my dear reader. I think that I will tell you more of those things later people.