I love pool fences more than I love pools. I love pool fences more than I love other fences. I love all of these things and so much more. I love a lot of things, but none more than pool fences. I feel like I’m just repeating myself, so I’ll try and say something different this time around. The Argo needs a new fence and the only place in town that sells them is the local aluminium pool fencing Melbourne company. We haven’t had a chance to see what they have in stock, but I’ll go with the Captain and Victor tomorrow, when it gets light out. I hope that they have the one that I like. I really like the one where it’s all made of aluminium. That would go really well in here, in my opinion. I’m no interior decorator, I’m just in charge of the cargo bay, and the operations of the ship. I’m Marcus by the way, nice to meet you all.

I went with them onto Lower City, to find the local pool fencing Melbourne store. It was right there, in the middle of the town square. Lower city is such an interesting city. The complete opposite of Rohedra, the Capital. It’s something like Mumbai, back on original Earth. That’s what I’m told anyway. It seems like the only thing that is the same as it was on the original Earth is the people. they make it what it really is, and for that I’ll always be thankful. I miss people sometimes. It gets hard stuck in that ship all the time, sometimes for months at a time. I think a pool would be good for the crew; help them to relax when things get intense. I also think I may have found the perfect glass pool fences Melbourne, in case you’re interested.