I want you, my dearest. I want you all of the time. I want you in mind and in spirit. I don’t want your mind to wander. I want you to listen to me and me to you. That means that you also have to share; you have to talk to me. I will not be part of a one-way marriage. It will not work that way, it has to go both ways. I hope that you get that my dear, and that you think about talking to me. I want to know about the asphalt Brisbane crew. I hear that you have been following them around every day; that must be fun. I hear that Jon wants to come with you; are you going to let him? No? Okay then; that is your decision. I love hearing about the asphalt on the driveways and in the pot holes, I really do. That is what I want to know about. That is what I want to find out. That is why I will always ask you what is going on in your head, because you do not tell me. You write in your notebooks about the great asphalt Brisbane crew and company but you never mention me. I don’t know what it is like when you are with you friends, but don’t I mean more to you then the great experts who can really do a great job on your pot holes for a very reasonable price? I want to be the most important thing in your life, because you are in mine. Maybe that is just selfish of me and I should let you love the bitumen Brisbane place the way I love you: one sided. I don’t want it to be that way, but if you love something, or someone, then you should let them go and see if they fly away, or if they come back to you.