Like I might be saying in my next article, I like to play around with the titles of these articles, so that I can have little fun. I like to have fun and that’s the message that I want to get across to the group. I want them all to know that this is a life, that we are living now, and this is what Jonathan lived for, not what he died for. It’s not what the air conditioning Canberra crew is about either, and think of all that they have done for us. If we do not live and if we do not take life by the horns and blow into the vent of the air conditioner that is this one chance at life, then we are wasting it, and we are sullying his memory, in my opinion. I hope that we never do that, and I hope that we can get cool fresh air from the vents of this ship and from the vents of this life. I hope that the air conditioning services Canberra crew can help us out in that regard, to help us to move on into the next phase of this life-current that we are in.

Jess, if you were in his position, I know that you would not want your friends, us here, to mourn for you; you would want us to move on and be happy. There will be more than one life wasted if we give in to sorrow and waste all of our chances at living. It would be an insult to his memory. We are complaining about the life that we have, when Jonathan has no life at all, and can do anything. We need to live! We need to be free and have fun! We need to get the air conditioning repairs Canberra as fast as possible.