The strife is something to fear from her. I don’t want to fear her, but I do. I fear her a lot and I don’t think that that’s a healthy relationship; when one person has all of this power and the other person lives in constant fear of her shouting. I don’t like it, and I think I need to leave. I will be going as soon as I can, and I hope that I can find a new place in Montier. I never really liked Carron that much; I much prefer the mountains of the east, and the coasts and the harbors and the White City and all the other cities of Montier. It will so great to go there; I haven’t been there since I was a boy. I want my new place to have some asphalt driveways, from the asphalt driveways Brisbane company and the crew that flies under that name. I will be trying my hardest to go there, but before I do that, I need to leave her. I need to get out from under her iron grip, and once I get there, out in the open and away from her, everything will be better. I’ll be able to have fun, and laugh, and I’ll call up the asphalt Brisbane crew all the time, and ask if they can get some stuff done on my new place. That will be the dream that I have and nothing will be able to shatter the dream, for it will always remain that way. I will never actually do what I say I will, because it is too hard. All I can do is dream about the asphalt repairs Brisbane crew and the work that could be done, but never is done because I’m too afraid of my young, and beautiful wife. She scares me, dear readers, and I am under her spell.