I love my Jo and I will miss her every day. Not an hour goes by that I still don’t think about her, and how she was ripped so suddenly from all of our lives, right in front of our eyes. I will never forgive myself for letting it happen and I’m pretty sure that Gemma will never forgive me as well. I will see if she can be warmed up with a bit of aluminium windows Melbourne crew, but maybe, maybe not. She saw it all happen, with Jo, and she blames me, which is almost worse than losing Jo in the first place. Now all I can do is try to move on and try to be strong for my wife and for her memories. It lives on in all four of us; myself and my kids. We are the ones who really knew her. She hadn’t spoken to her parents in over 30 years, and that was okay with me. I didn’t really like them that much when I first met them, and so we started our own family with the people that we wanted. I will try and call up the window repairs Melbourne company and crew, and see if they can help me to move on, and try to start a new life in the home that Jo and I were meant to rebuild. It was beautiful home, and she loved every metre of it.

She was the most important person to them, and 12 years ago, she was the most important person to me too. We got married 12 years ago, in the next month. I hope that my kids can get used a life without her, and I hope that they can learn to see through the pain, like we learn to see through the windows from the timber windows Melbourne company.