I miss the human connection that i used to get while I was a sparky. I used to go to houses all the time and sort out people’s problems and to figure what I could do to help them. I was like a friendly sheriff who knew a lot about how to fix electrical problems. I was a good guy, people liked me, and I was happy. That doesn’t last forever though, and soon, a lot sooner than I would have liked, I was retired. I’d injured myself on the job and took an early retirement. I now call up the drain replacement Melbourne crew to see if they can come to my house and fix the problems that they have.

I sometimes make problems for myself, in the drainage problem. Whether it be the drains systems that I stuff full of toilet paper, or making sure that I eat lots of Indian food for three days in a row. I know that it might not be the best thing to do to them, but this is their job, I’m still paying them, and we all get people to talk to. I once called over the drain cleaning Melbourne crew twice in one week. They started to get a little suspicious then, also I had to make the ruses a little more elaborate. I actually had to make sure that the drains were really tightly blocked so that it was almost an emergency. I’ve had the whole system replaced three times over, over the years that I’ve been doing this, and I don’t really want to stop. It’s the only real human contact that I have, aside from the television. We all know that that doesn’t count anyway, so this is it. This is all I have. I was happy once, and successful. Now I’m lining my drains with soap and paper to clog them up. I hope that the drain repair Melbourne plumbers don’t judge me.