Anderson, how are the carports coming along? I hope that we are at least 45% done. the project is at the scheduled 50% allotted time frame, and I’m giving you a 5% discount because I know you’re new. I’m also going to give you a 10% discount on time because you are my nephew. I’m also going to give you a 15% penalty because I don’t like your face. Now get it done Anderson!

We are almost up to the halfway point of the biggest carport Melbourne installation that the nation has ever seen. Grave Industries will never be the same, and neither will VDC. I hope not anyway. I’m going to beat the pants off of Samuel Moser, and his little decks Melbourne. We can’t be beaten, and I’ll make sure of that. Anderson! How are the coming?

We have finally hit the halfway point in the construction and installation of the pergolas, no wait, what was it again? Oh right, the carports. We are 50% of the way there, and the next 50 should be even easier. We now know what we are doing, and what kind of installation we actually want. Trust me, mark your calendars. November 5th. Remember,remember. Moser got his decking Melbourne installation done in less than 3/4 of the time that we have allowed. it doesn’t matter though; at least I hope not. Our structure is going to eclipse his in so many ways. Well one way. It’ll be bigger. It’ll also be greener, so there’s another. I don’t mean environmentally conscious either. I mean as a colour.

Two months down, and only a few more to go, until all the GI cars can be parked safely.The construction has made parking nigh on impossible, which is quite ironic. You know what irony is don’t you, Anderson? Or shall I get Wiggins? I bet he would laugh with me.