I’d never been to a farm before. The moment I saw the barn I knew I was home. I raced over to the barn, leaving my parents behind at the car. I burst through the door and stopped dead in my tracks when I came face to face with a cow. There was animals everywhere, hay stacked to the roof and some farming equipment scattered around the place. The barn was like nothing I’d ever seen before. I never wanted to leave.

My parents had unpacked the car and were inside talking to my uncle and aunty, who’s house we were visiting. When I walked inside my uncle asked me if I liked the work that Farm Barns Tamworth had done. I didn’t know what he was talking about until he mentioned that Stable Builders Tamworth was the company who built the barn. I imagined a large team of men from Garages Tamworth, all wearing overalls and heavy steel capped boots, carting planks of timber around the property. Large machines would have made light work for the builders but there efforts were still outstanding. After we all had some lunch I went back to the barn.

Walking up to the barn, the tall structure stretching high into the sky, it looked like a castle. The panels of wood were so straight and put together so well, I imagined them to be invincible. Inside the barn the animals were warm and well fed. I stayed with them for a while, talking with the horses and playing with the cows. The pigs were enjoying their shared body warmth in the corner of the barn and the goats were quietly nibbling on piles of straw.

Mum came out and told me it was time to leave so I said goodbye to my new animal friends and hoped I’d be able to get back to the barn very soon.