I didn’t expect the woman to offer me a guided tour around the facility and explain all their processes, but I’m sure glad she did. I walked into Funeral Services Perth with no idea what happened in funeral homes, and now I was going to learn from an expert. I had to give my tour guide five minutes to finish up what she was doing, so I got some chocolates from the vending machine. I sat in a chair and waited for my guide to return. Looking around, I felt like I was in any waiting room, it could have been a doctor, a physiotherapist, a job agency even. There wasn’t the slightest hint of sorrow or death. It was almost uplifting with the relaxing, soothing music and the gentle scents wafting through the air conditioning vents. There was a vibrant smell of flowers and the array of colour that filled the hallways was magical.

The woman returned and we started my tour around Cremations Perth. I learnt a lot from the woman. She took me around the entire facility, well where the public was allowed access anyway. There were a few staff only doors that aroused my curiosity, but I didn’t get any answers to those questions.

By the time I walked out of Funeral Directors Perth I felt good about myself. Not because I was one of the lucky few who manage to walk out of a funeral home, but because I’d endeavoured to learn something that intrigued me. Of course, none of it ever would of happened if it wasn’t for the lovely staff at the funeral home. They really know how to relate to people. Now, if anyone ever asked me what happens at a funeral home, I’d be able to tell them exactly what happens.