My sister had just gotten engaged to her boyfriend of six years. They were highschool sweethearts and have managed to keep their relationship going into their adult life. He proposed to my sister on their anniversary and apparently it was the most romantic experience my sister had ever had. I was so glad she’d found someone to spend her life with. She definitely deserved it.

I offered my help to both my sister and her fiance. I wanted to help out with anything I could, the wedding, the engagement party, anything. I knew how stressful it could be planning a wedding, I watched Mum do it twice. My sister asked me to help her arrange the engagement party. I was very excited to help her do that. I knew she wanted everything to be perfect and I wanted to help her get there. It wasn’t going to be a big engagement party, just close friends and family. It was my job to organise the catering. Catering Melbourne had a great reputation around town so I decided to give them a call.

The woman on the phone at Party Catering Melbourne was very helpful. She was a helpless romantic and started asking me questions about my sister and her partner. After telling her all about my sisters wedding plans I placed an order with Finger Food Catering Melbourne. It was a great relief to know that I had done everything I had to do to help out with the engagement party. I was looking forward to turning up on the night and enjoying the celebration. It was going to be a great night and it was going to be the first time our family had all been together in a long time.