I stood behind my boyfriend, staring at his back while he did the dishes. I wanted to tell him so badly, but I didn’t want it to turn out like every other time. I hated this. Probably what I hated the most about it was that I was starting to believe the superstition myself. Ages ago, well eight years ago to be precise, a girl in primary school put a curse on me. She was from a strange family, who everyone knew were witches. The girl had wanted to be my friend, but I wasn’t interested. She pulled out my hair and spat the most absurd string of dark words at me. I had been frightened by the look in her eye, so I made a run for it, leaving the girl with a handful of my hair. To this day, each serious relationship I’ve been in has been ruined by my hair. It falls out at tremendous rates and constant drain-blockage has been the centre of every break up.

Now here I was, after hearing the news that my boyfriend had just booked an appointment with the guys at Blocked Drain Melbourne, wondering if I should tell him about the curse. I’d never believed it before now, maybe it was true. If it was, it meant that once the men from Drain Camera Inspections Melbourne find the cause of the problem our relationship would take a turn for the worst. I didn’t want that to happen, I really liked this guy. We have big plans and high hopes together. I decided not to tell him. I’d figure out whether or not I’d ever tell him after the guys from Blocked Sewer Melbourne had come and gone. After all, I didn’t want to get stuck with the bill.