My son Jake is a bit on an idiot. I know a father shouldn’t say such things about his own flesh and blood but it’s true. He has never been much of a thinker, I don’t know which side of the family he gets his brains from. I’m a dentist and my ex wife is a lawyer, you would think he would be top of his class or graduated already. This is not the case, he’s a idiot and doesn’t apply himself at school. I don’t say any of these things to his face though, I wouldn’t want to put the poor kid down. He loves to eat, he lives for it, food is his thing. I try and tempt him with food as a reward for doing well at school, it kind of works, but for short times. I have made a deal with him this year that if he does well on his exams I will get wedding catering Melbourne to make a huge spread for him and all his friends. It won’t actually be for a wedding, he just loves wedding foods.

I hope this will motivate him to work hard this year. I know how much he loves finger food catering Melbourne. He has a poster of cream puffs on his walls in his room, what kind of kid has food on a poster? I know that catering Melbourne is just the motivation he needs to work hard this year. If he does well he might even get into a college, one on the other side of the country hopefully so I can spend a bit of bachelor time in this house. I haven’t dated since my wife left me for a doctor a few years ago. She did the right thing, our marriage wasn’t great, the catering at our wedding was amazing though.