My passion has always been writing books. I was a dentist for 50 years but all that time I would dream of being a published author. I was always far too busy with my work to do any of the writing I so loved to do, but now that I’m retired things are going to change. I have been planning this book for more years than I can count. I have every character fleshed out, every detail is ready to be recorded. I’m going to do most of my writing outside so I had a small verandah put on my property. It’s been a cold winter but once it turns to spring I’ll be outside in the sunshine writing away at my typewriter. I never learned to use a computer so a typewriter is going to have to do. During winter a had a few problems with the old house. I had been worried that were might be white ants for some time. There were some of the classic signs that things were not all well in my home. I found hot spots on the walls, there was some wood that had started to crumble, I had termite inspections Melbourne come and take a look. They confirmed my fears, that there was considerable damage done by termites. I had termite treatments Melbourne put up termite guards around the house and try and kill the ones that were there. They assured me that there would be no termites left when they were done.

Thankfully termite control Melbourne managed to kill every last one of the little biters. They had found a few trees that would need to go at some point in the future. I was going to wait until spring time for that. When the weather started to turn warmer I set to work on my novel. I called tree lopping Brisbane to start working on the trees in my yard while I typed away at my novel. It was relaxing to see land clearing Brisbane do their work, I didn’t mind the noise at all. Turns out that the noise actually helps me to write. I had the first few chapters written and ready to go by the time stump grinding Brisbane had done their work. I would need someone to read my first draft to see if I was going in the right direction. I had my eye on the lady next door for some time. This could be a good opportunity to get to know her better.