It was a sunny Tuesday morning and a usual day at work. The food at the bakery across the road smelt fantastic. I decided to grab something from there for morning tea. Before I walked over to the Bakery I ducked out the back to use the toilet. When I got out the back I realised there was water all over the ground. I thought someone must have left the tap on in the sink. When I opened the bathroom door, the water wasn’t coming from the tap, but up out of the drain! I ran out to the phone and called the first plumber I could find. We had lots of stock piled on the floor in the storeroom, I did not want to be responsible for it getting damaged. Drain Replacement Melbourne sent a contractor out as soon as they could, and within about two hours the plumber arrived. He was very well presented and knew exactly what he was doing. He took one look at the sink and walked straight back to his van. I wasn’t sure if he was coming back, but then I heard him say he would need a bit of space and for me to go back to the front of the store.

It didn’t seem to take very long at all, but when he started to load his equipment back into his Blocked Drain Melbourne van I realised he must have been done. I called my boss to arrange payment. The Sewer Replacement Melbourne guy spoke with my boss about the issue and what could have caused it. When the plumber had finished speaking with my boss he hung the phone up and casually stated that I should be careful as the reason the drain had blocked was from a buildup of long dark hair.