Nothing will stop Thomas from being a pilot. He told me once that once he took to the skies, it was like waking up He realised that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, and so he was going to do it. Math will always be his first love, and that will never die, but the skies are his passion now. I’m so proud of him, for finding his calling. He recently got felled by his own doing, and ended up with some back problem. He was out of the bridge for more than a month. Two months by my record actually. It was a hard time for everyone, being without their pilot, but we were able to keep going. We were able to find a chiropractor Brighton who could fix him up again. ,It was a miracle to say the least. I’m so happy that he was able to fly again, I really am thrilled. I’m Eleanor Landers by the way, pleased to meet you readers. I’m the cook on the ship the Argo. It’s a good life, and one that I enjoy. I was a professional chef back in rostern, and I owned and ran my restaurant. I was the first woman to receive three hats in 20 years. I love my life, and I love my role in this world. We all have our part to play. Thomas, Gods keep him safe, was destined to break his back, and was then destined to meet the men and women, the good chiropractors, at chiropractitioners Brighton. He was also meant to recover, and then to fly the Argo again. In these series of articles, I want to say a little bit about everyone, and what they do on the Argo. Actually, I might just leave that to Jonathan. He’s taken a keen interest in that stuff; his room is the ship’s library.

In summary, we are so glad that our little broken toy, the one and only Thomas Highland, is able to join the rest of us on the Argo, and join Marcus on the bridge. We must thank the chiropractic Brighton crew for their help in that. Marcus was getting lonely up there, having to navigate all by himself. That’s only part of his job though, he’s also in charge of the cargo bay, along with Riley Pachmann.